Mousserande Vin Marquis de la Tour 75cl. 77547 Maximize

Mousserande Vin Marquis de la Tour 75cl. 77547


Mousserande Vin Marquis de la Cour Brut

På Systembolaget den 07 juni. Artnr. 77547-01

Origin:  Loire

Druvor: Chenin Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Colombard

Alkoholhalt: 11%

Användning: Serveras vid 6 - 12°C

Lagras: 5 år




Blåost    Tårta   Fruktsalad   Apéritif  Skaldjur

99,00 kr

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The best blending , made with the wine base after the first fermentation, is achieved in our cellars. This blending art is perfectly mastered by our winemakerchief Jean Paul Malinge according a 2century tradition and is one of the key factors of success for Marquis de la Tour .The second fermentation is temperature controlled and is made in stainless steel tanks during 4 Weeks, according. Methode Charmat; We add natural yeast and sugar to our cuvee according a Secret Maison jealously kept. This Method due to Ackerman ‘s know how permits to obtain natural fine and delicate bubbles with the results of a wine full of freshness, smoothness , finesse and fruit.



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